We meet perfection in the light.

Uniqueness and quality
Our products have 35 patents and 50 certificates to confirm their uniqueness and quality. New products are regularly certified in accordance with the relevant qualitative and quantitative standards and regulations.

Quality tests
Our LED products undergo optical, vibration, electromagnetic, temperature exposure and water resistance tests. Then the products are sent for assessment by independent certification laboratories in different countries. More than 40 parameters are tested on each product.

IP68 rated
This international standard confirms that this equipment is dust- and moisture-resistant. For example, products developed and delivered to the Gulf region are not affected by severe sandstorms and work perfectly even in places in which relative humidity reaches 99%.

Quality materials
We guarantee the highest quality and the use of quality materials from reliable suppliers. In the development of products using lightemitting diodes (LEDs), we source materials from world-renowned companies such as Nichia, Cree and Epistar, as well as NXP printed circuit boards and MBI LED drivers.

Exclusive production
Indoor and outdoor LED screens are made of top-quality materials through a unique technology installed in screen manufacturing machines. This manufacturing method requires significant time and effort to obtain a seamless image on the screen.

Market needs
Before launching the production and marketing of new products, we always conduct market research to identify customer expectations and seek to create original and individual solutions for each customer’s LED technology needs. Our products are not always intended only for direct sale to specific customers; they can be also be rented for short-term projects.

Focus on research
Regular research enables us to improve the characteristics and design of our products and to be a leader in this market shaping the future of LED technologies. Recently, we have carried out a number of studies in the field of optical physics. These studies have helped us to improve Media Window products by reducing light reflectance and glass shine by up to 95%.

We will support you in each step of the realisation.

Timeline scheme

First Stage

Signing of the contract, an advance payment

Second Stage

Visit of engineers, project preparations

Third Stage

Production and supply of equipment, the second part of the payment

Fourth Stage

Installation, training, testing, finalizing the project, the third part of the payment

1 - 2 days
10 days
90 days
Lifetime operations
10+ years